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Sell your 3D products and services, cut out the middleman

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What is Poly4D

Poly4D is a decentralized platform for selling 3D content and services.

The 3D model and freelancer market is inefficient and places emphasis on the platform rather than the creator. It's not unusual for these traditional platforms to take up to 45% commission on content uploaded by a 3D artist. Poly4D is transforming this.



    Poly4D marks the next evolution of the computer graphics world. Poly4D is the singular platform for the purchase and sale of services and 3D goods for consumer products, games, virtual reality, interior design, motion graphics, etc.


    A controlled presale capped at 1M USD will be used to fund the decentralized infrastructure supporting all transactions on the platform.


    Alpha development begins. White paper detailing business model and growth factors published.


    Private testing for top level creators begins. First phase of marketing strategy is enabled. End of presale.

  • RAY

    Initial Coin Offering. PR and marketing strategy converting artists that are currently working on traditional middleman platforms such as Turbosquid and CG Trader.


    Public Beta testing begins allowing any creator to sign up, and any buyer to purchase objects and services.

I'm looking for a...

Poly4D is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that pays 3D content creators directly with no one else taking a cut.


Hire any creator for custom work such as advertisements, studio product renders, industrial design, interior design, and much more.

Place to start

Watch and learn from hundreds of tutorials made by people that do 3D work for a living.

How It Works


Sign Up for Poly4D

You know the drill, name, email, social media if you choose, and we highly encourage a good bio. Your account is attached to a wallet, or you can have us send P4D to anywhere you'd like.


Choose Your Character Category

Easy enough. You can upload a 3D file, upload a tutorial, or use our render farm
(Over 9,000 GPUs...).


Sell Yourself!

As in sell your work not literally you. Anyway, you're good to go, people can now search for your models, tutorials, or look to hire you. You can post the links to your work on your social media or wherever else you want.

Poly4D Video Overview

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Poly4D Allocation

Poly4D sale is capped at $22 million USD

Total supply is ~15 billion P4D

The presale value of P4D is fixed at $0.01 USD

3000 3d models
700 freelancers
21 countries
{xxx} p4d paid out

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